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The most important partner, the most complex, longest lasting and most service everyone's multisensory. What will remain marked longer in the memory of your guests. The most difficult to deal with because it will have to go through all your senses. It will have to be impeccable in terms of hygiene, quality, delicacy and realization time For this Elisabetta Del Pasqua CEO and founder de "La Cerimonia Ricevimenti" 6 years ago partially interrupted the his main activity to devote himself to his personal training in this field, starting a complex path that would lead her to to be able to judge and personally manage excellence. For a year he moved to London to work alongside a chef (** Michelin) where he could personally know every step that the creation of many large dishes proceeds. He attended Master of Food and beverage management, he studied classic cooking techniques, creative, fusion, up to experiments molecular cuisine. He studied the costs and times of realization of the most famous recipes of the our tradition. He obtained the qualification of Banqueting Manager, he joined many starred chefs, and chefs with extraordinary skills applied in particular to difficult world of catering. The great friendship with a reputable chef teacher of the Italian Cooks School gave her the opportunity to help to create unusual and innovative dishes, qualifying cooking courses fun and of various levels. He then worked 5 years in a high-end catering quality with the intention of acquiring skills related to every aspect of this service. Learning techniques and realization times of the impiattamenti, the food cost, the best seasonality of each product, i protocols of quality chains, packaging, conservation of semi-finished products, regulated transport. He knows the products of our Tuscan and Italian excellences. He directed itself banquets as DS (Service Director). Has flanked by Pastry chef to learn more about pasting techniques with the purpose of acquiring skills and information about the creation of artistic and complex "monumental" wedding cakes. He holds the sommelier qualification. His tireless thirst for excellence and the satisfaction of his customers makes of Elisabetta Del Pasqua an indispensable guide in choosing yours menu staff, who will supervise or create with great competence, especially based on the characteristics of the location, the season and of your needs. Will be able to demand scrupulously attention to quality, in terms of raw materials, workmanship, storage, transport, costs, implementation and service times. Whether it's an informal brunch in the countryside or an important one classic dinner, what a delicious fusion cooking experiment for 10 o 1000 people.


Wedding Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake can be complicated, they often tell you that the beauty of some cakes goes to the detriment of taste. The difference between "Italian" and "American" tabletting is remarkable. Many of the Italian pastry chefs will probably tell you that certain sublime flavors will not be possible in the creation of Wedding cake Monumental. And it is the natural predisposition to excellence that we at "La Cerimonia Ricevimenti ”we wanted to train in this sector too. Today from experts know how to recognize and select serious and competent suppliers who know how to combine the two peculiarities of good and beautiful. Furthermore ours Pastry chef Francesca will be able to follow and create wonderful Wedding cake with many different procedures and techniques. His extraordinary creative imagination, excellent craftsmanship and a sense outstanding problem solving make it able to achieve exquisite and spectacular cakes. He will be able to advise and inspire you. You can design the cake of your dreams, Francesca will make it for you exactly the same and will be very good!



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