About Us

Dream Seriously!

Our work is approached with scrupulous attention. We aspire to make the whole event dense with attention to detail. Whether it is a one day intimate reception or a large wedding for many days.
We are proud to be able to create fantastic memories and to leave you dreamy and thankful for us.

Elisabetta Del Pasqua

Elisabetta is formed between art, history. He attends university courses in linguistic and cultural mediation in the tourism and hospitality sector. He continues his training with professional courses and certificates, after a careful study of his territory he founded La Cerimonia Ricevimenti in 1991 in an Italy that does not yet know the concept of wedding planner, he establishes himself as an event organizer. Work for T.O. and internationally renowned customers. It has always been fascinated by the world of catering, the claim of absolute quality for its customers has pushed it in recent years to continuous training in this sector. He will be able to personally manage all the details and all the executive phases of the event. Her long experience and extensive training make her a precious partner who will be able to take care of your simple or complex event in an impeccable way, managing timescales and spectacular surprise creations.



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