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We create your dream wedding, tailor-made for you.

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Over 30 years of experience

01. We plan…

…every single detail is taken care of with love, from the initial phase to the final realization, guaranteeing a result full of wonderful details that reflect your uniqueness. Your event will transform into an authentic explosion of personality.

02. We create…

….extraordinary events with passion and dedication, capturing the essence of each client. We are committed to ensuring that your quality expectations are not only met but exceeded, working tirelessly to create a memorable experience.

03. We coordinate…

… with exceptional professional craftsmanship. Our partners play a fundamental role; we make sure that each of them falls in love with your vision with the same passion that we have.

Our services

We have in-depth knowledge of the area and we collaborate with the most qualified and attentive suppliers, offering services that range from classic to cutting-edge ones. Thanks to our long experience, we are able to offer you a wide range of solutions to realize all your ideas.


Selecting the location for your wedding will have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the event. We offer a wide range of breathtaking options, representing diverse styles, to suit every couple’s needs.

Catering & Cakes

Our in-house catering is a fundamental and multi-sensory pillar of your event. Our executive event manager understands the uniqueness of each occasion, ensuring tailor-made planning, carefully designed to integrate harmoniously with the chosen location.

Celebrant & Legal Assistance

Whether it concerns symbolic or legally recognized ceremonies, religious or civil celebrations, we take care of all the documentary formalities, the choice of the location for your rite and your celebrant. Our goal is to give you total peace of mind every step of the way.

Flowers and decorations

Our in-house florists, true artists in floral design, dedicate a palpable passion to our couples. They are fervently committed to creating decorations and arrangements, taking care of every detail to transform each location into an extraordinary place that perfectly frames your events.

Music and Entertainment

The harmony of a perfect event is marked by the right soundtrack. You will need experts who know how to entertain your guests, whether it is classical, pop or folk. Music will become a key element to enrich every moment of your special day.


The magic of your scenario will be amplified by the evocative light choreographies you have in mind. Details and perspectives will merge into extraordinary and romantic paintings, accentuated by the magic that only refined lighting can offer.

Photo & Video

Capturing the poetic essence of the moment, almost imperceptibly. Our collaborators, with experience in the world of fashion and entertainment, will be able to immortalize the emotions of your day without disturbing the most intimate moments.


Vintage, sporty, luxurious, for the two of you or for the whole group, with driver or to drive. A vast selection of sparkling cars in perfect condition will accompany you to the places of your wedding and your memories to cherish.


To entertain the little guests at the party of your most beautiful day and give parents moments of tranquility: babysitting service, entertainment and shows for children organized by professionals will guarantee a safe and fun party for all participants.

Hair & Make-Up

We make your appearance unforgettable with long-lasting natural hairstyles and flawless make-up all day long. Our proposals will make your beauty shine both in person and in your souvenir photos. You will be ready to shine in every moment of your special day.

Our Locations

Selecting the location for your wedding or event is crucial to creating the desired atmosphere and character. We have a wide range of “breathtaking” and unique options available, ready to be explored together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.


A wonderful 15th century villa in the heart of the Chianti hills surrounded by greenery.


A magnificent villa with a 17th century tower located on the Florentine hills and surrounded by greenery.


An ancient medieval castle from the 1200s with a wonderful garden on the Chianti hills.


A historic residence on the hills near Siena surrounded by greenery and silence.


A typical Tuscan estate surrounded by vineyards and olive groves on the Chianti hills.


A magnificent villa surrounded by a wonderful garden on the Chianti hills in Tuscany.


A historic complex consisting of a villa and a magnificent garden on the hills of Lucca.


A splendid villa surrounded by greenery and on the shore of a lake for a unique view.


A typical Tuscan estate from the 1200s on the Chianti hills surrounded by woods and vineyards.


A Renaissance villa overlooking the Chianti hills with finely furnished rooms.

Catering Services & Wedding Cakes

Our catering service is not only the most crucial, but also the most complex and multi-sensory, destined to create an indelible memory in the memory of your guests.

Elisabetta Del Pasqua

About me

Our commitment is guided by scrupulous attention to detail. We aim to bring a richness of element to each event, whether it is an intimate one-day reception or a sumptuous wedding spanning many days.

We are proud to be able to shape extraordinary memories.

Years of experience



“Marriage is, and will always be, the most important journey of discovery that a person can undertake.”

Søren Kierkegaard


Stories of Love

“Here we are, 24 hours after our wedding… the emotion is still high. The credit certainly goes to you and all your staff who made the evening exactly how we wanted it. It was a dream! Truly everything was perfect and professional! We spent the whole day receiving compliments from the guests and this made us really happy! Thank you all very much… you were impeccable. We hope to see you again soon… Maybe as guests Bora are waiting for us.”

Carli Matteo

“All a beautiful dream thanks to the good weather and you tireless and helpful people… as well as excellent dancers. Congratulations and you will forever be in our hearts!”

Livia e Diego

“Large and important events like this become such thanks to those who lend themselves to their birth, development and completion. Great tension accompanied me during all phases. A heartfelt thank you for the patient work of managing the entire organization. Your contribution and It was also essential for our private critical moments.”

Francesca Lombardi

“Hi, we wanted to thank you for the way you handled everything. You were truly impeccable, and not only in our eyes but also in the opinion of our parents and guests. You were simply perfect, everyone. It was and will be an event that never only we will remember it indelibly and with great joy but all our friends will remember it. You gave us what in our minds we didn’t even think was possible, a dream. Thank you very much, I wish you a lot of luck and the best from me and Vanessa.”

Francesco Cao

“Good morning Elisabetta, first of all, thank you for everything you have done. The flawless nature of the entire organization and the goodness of the food amazed all our guests… we literally did Bingo, we are a great team, us as spouses and you as what truly excellent organizers. The confetti and the tableau were wonderful. The Christmas themed flowers, very rich and discreet, were so beautiful that everyone asked for them to take home. I’m so sorry I didn’t call you for a photo together, let’s hope the photographer does we did it anyway. The time really flew by… Our guests wanted to ask for information about you! We returned from our honeymoon and gave you a huge hug.”

Elisabetta Bonsignori

“We couldn’t have wished for such a well organized wedding without you! We definitely will come back soon, but this time we will organize a party to thank you like you deserve!! See you soon and thank you so much, your organization was precious.”

Charu & Indra

“You have made the most beautiful dream of my life come true.”

Attilio Mancuso

“Everything was perfect! Our kids are missing you. We will see you next time. Thank you again.”

Samirah e Andrey

“Everything was perfect! When we decide to choose an italian Wedding planner Merve, (a turquish wedding planner) was very worried because she could not follow the wedding personally. But than we met you and we couldn’t expet more than this , professional, well organized. Next time we know where to send our weddings in Italy. Thank you so much again.”

Alberto Xodo Merve Youruger


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