Catering Services & Wedding Cakes

Our catering service is not only the most crucial, but also the most complex and multi-sensory, destined to create an indelible memory in the memory of your guests. Every dish, every flavor and every detail will contribute to a gastronomic experience that will transcend simple eating, becoming an integral part of your unforgettable special day.

For this reason, six years ago, Elisabetta Del Pasqua, CEO and founder of “La Cerimonia Ricevimenti”, decided to undertake a personal training path in the catering field, developing the ability to personally evaluate and manage excellence.

She spent a year in London, collaborating with a Michelin-starred chef, an experience that allowed her to learn about every aspect of creating haute cuisine dishes. With a Master in Food and Beverage Management, he studied classic, creative and fusion cooking techniques, also exploring the world of molecular cuisine and deepened his knowledge of the costs and production times of traditional recipes.

Elisabetta obtained the qualification of Banqueting Manager and collaborated with starred chefs and cooks with extraordinary skills, specializing in the complex world of catering.
Thanks to his friendship with an esteemed chef teacher at the Scuola Italiana Cuochi, he contributed to creating innovative dishes and cooking courses of various levels.
He worked for five years in a high-quality catering business to acquire skills in every aspect of the service, including plating techniques, food costs, selection of the best seasonality, quality supply chains, packaging and conservation of semi-finished products, and transport regulations. Elisabetta personally directed banquets as Service Director and worked alongside the Pastry Chef to learn more about pastille making techniques, focusing on the creation of artistic and complex wedding cakes
He also obtained the qualification of sommelier.

Her tireless pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction makes her an indispensable guide in selecting your personal menu, expertly supervising or creating, based on the characteristics of the location, the season and your needs.
Whether it is an informal brunch in the countryside, a large classic dinner or a fusion culinary experiment for 10 or 1000 people, his commitment is to guarantee an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Dream wedding cakes

Choosing a wedding cake can be complex, with the fear that the beauty could compromise the taste. The difference between “Italian-style” and “American-style” pastry making is evident and many Italian pastry chefs might suggest that certain sublime flavors are not achievable in monumental wedding cakes. Our natural predisposition for excellence has pushed us, at “La Cerimonia”, to train ourselves in this sector too. Today, as experts, we know how to recognize and select serious and competent suppliers capable of combining taste with aesthetics.

Our Pastry Chef, Francesca, is an authentic artist in designing and creating magnificent wedding cakes, using a variety of processes and techniques. Her extraordinary creativity, excellent manual craftsmanship and a remarkable sense of problem-solving allow her to create exquisite and spectacular cakes.
Francesca will not only be able to give you valuable advice, but will also be able to inspire you: you are free to design the cake of your dreams, and Francesca will make it with precision, guaranteeing you not only a breathtaking appearance but also a delicious flavour!